Soap Nuts for Laundry

Soap Nuts are effective in any temperature water, and have cleaning abilities equal to toxic chemical detergents. Continue to use pre spotters for tough stains. For the whitest whites, we recommend hydrogen peroxide for health reasons but you can bleach.

Soap nuts are unparalleled for removing odors from sweaty athletic apparel and smelly dog beds etc. Chemical detergents try and cover odors with toxic perfumes. Soap nuts actually remove odors. 

• One pouch washes up to 5 loads
• Fragrance free, 100% organic

Directions for using Soap Nuts

Place 4 to 6 soap nuts in the included wash bag and throw them in the washer with your dirty clothes. We recommend breaking them in half before putting them in the wash bag. Do not add any detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Your clothes will come out clean, fresh smelling and softer than ever.

Soap nuts can be reused between 4 and 7 times for a top loader and even more for a front loader. The best way to tell if your soap nuts are used up is to take one of the used soap nuts and put it in a jar with a lid and shake it. If you get suds they are still good. Pour the soapy water into the washer and do another load.



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